Beyond the Binary: What does Non-Binary mean for Feminism(s)?, Dr. Zohar Weiman-Kelman, DR. Ido Katry, Dr. TJ Billard

17/11/2021 - 18:00

לתוכנית הסמינר וקישור לזום



TJ Billard

Assistant Professor, School of Communication Northwestern University

Executive Director, Center for Applied Transgender Studies

Editor, Bulletin of Applied Transgender Studies


Scholars of media studies working from feminist and queer traditions have spilled much ink analyzing “good” and “bad” media portrayals, including portrayals of trans people. However, existing queer and feminist approaches to media studies cannot fully account for the nuances of transgender media representation and production. Drawing on theoretical and methodological frameworks from the sociology of culture, I argue for the development of a transgender-specific mode of representational critique that overcomes the limitations of each.


Ido Katri

Assistant professor, school of social work and faculty of Law (Collab), Tel Aviv University.


Do we really need non binary identification documents? The talk would explore the perils of the X marker, as it becomes standardized across the globe.