PhD in Gender Studies

The PhD track in Gender Studies aims to provide extensive knowledge and tools for independent, analytical creation of new scientific knowledge, manifested in a PhD thesis. The PhD track strives to expand the academic horizons of Gender Studies by training experts in various gender perspectives, who will take part in academic endeavors as well as social activism.

After one year of core studies, providing a comprehensive academic foundation in Gender Studies, students are required to develop an original research proposal that can contribute to the discipline.

Both the proposal and resulting thesis are written with the support of a supervisor from the Gender Studies Program. The Program's Academic Advisor helps students find suitable supervisors for their work. Another option is forming a supervising team that includes faculty members from another university.

Outstanding candidates may apply for the Presidential Scholarship, in compliance with the timetable and bylaws of the Presidential Scholarships project.

Target audience

The PhD program is open to students who have completed a Master's degree with a thesis, with a minimum grade of 90 for the thesis, and a minimum average grade of 88. Since the number of participants is limited, the admission process involves several additional steps: filling a personal questionnaire, two academic recommendations sent directly to the Program's office, a personal interview, and an evaluation by the Program's Admissions Committee which reserves the right to choose candidates most likely to succeed in their studies.  Important note: Meeting the minimum grade requirements does not guarantee admission!

 Final decisions regarding admission are made by Bar-Ilan's School of Graduate Studies.

For registration requirements and curriculum structure please contact the Program's office at