About the Program

What is the connection between gender and the social revolutions of the 20th and 21st centuries? Have women really cracked the glass ceilings of the job market? In what ways has the MeToo revolution influenced relations between women and men? What are the challenges faced by the LGBT community? When did women get the vote in Israel, and how far have we come since then? What are the ramifications of divorce for both men and women? How does caring for the family affect the balance of power in our society? How do Judaism and Islam view gender equality? How is Israeli society impacted by the military service of women and various excluded groups? What are the challenges faced by people with double marginality?

The Gender Studies Program at Bar-Ilan University invites you to ask questions!

Gender is a sociocultural category, often transparent, but impacting every area of our lives. Gender is a major underlying principle of social order and relations within every society. Gender Studies address the formation of gender identity, recognizing that gender is not a biological-fundamental category, but rather the outcome of changing social, political, and cultural processes. Gender Studies dismantle social conventions that are usually taken for granted, proposing a critical analysis of the balance of power, and promoting a more egalitarian and inclusive society.

Introducing the Gender Studies Program at Bar-Ilan University!

Hailing from all communities in Israeli society, and well-equipped by their studies, the Program's graduates are active in diverse academic and social organizations, the legal system, therapeutic and welfare professions, the arts and more.

What's in the study program?

As Israel's very first Gender Studies Program, we have developed a rich and multifaceted curriculum, offering a critical interdisciplinary approach and incorporating theories from the Humanities, Social Sciences, Cultural Criticism, Judaism and Religions, Psychology, Literature, Film and Law. The Program offers a multidimensional learning environment in three different tracks: Gender in the Field (MA studies that include social activism projects); a research-focused MA track with a thesis; and a PhD track with a doctoral thesis.

Our lecturers are leaders in their respective fields, both nationally and globally, and the Program includes two platforms that are unique in Israel: The Center for Masculinity Studies and the Incubator for Feminist Activism, spearheading much-needed social change.

The Program's fields of research:

  • Developing theoretical and empirical tools for critical analysis of society and culture
  • Gender in the context of society and culture
  • Jewish and Muslim feminism in Israel
  • Feminism among Jewish Israelis of Middle Eastern origins
  • Palestinian feminism
  • Queer theory
  • Offensive behaviors in political and social environments
  • Gender and environment
  • Body and sexuality
  • The new fatherhood
  • Motherhood and social change
  • Marriage and family undergoing change (divorce, financial implications, and inequality)
  • The Jewish Halacha and its approach to various gender issues and the LGBT community
  • Masculinity and femininity in the Israeli military
  • Intersectionality of marginal placements and multiple marginalities
  • Multiculturalism
  • Gender-conscious education
  • Social activism