About the Gender Studies Program

Program founder:

The Gender Studies Program was founded by the late prof. Dafna Izraeli (1937-2003).

About the program:

The Interdisciplinary Program in Gender Studies was founded in 2000 by the late Prof. Dafna Izraeli. It is an advanced degree program, aimed to train cutting edge academics and professionals in this field.
Gender studies focus on the nature and experience of gender identity among women and men, and the construct of cultural differences between the sexes.  The underlying assumption is that gender influences all areas of an individual’s social, political, and cultural activity and constitutes a central structural factor in the social order.
The Bar-Ilan Gender Program includes two tracks of specialization: research and field activity. Students undergo comprehensive education in gender perspectives on Judaism, culture, literature and research methods, in addition to core courses on feminist theory. In the field track students also acquire feminist practices to help promote women in field organizations.   A unique aspect of the Bar-Ilan program is its inclusion of discourse on Judaic studies and its' complex relationship with feminist ideology.  We view this interface of gender and Judaic studies as a central feature of our program and e are currently working on developing a curriculum for a third specialty research track on Gender and Judaism.

Location and how to reach us:

Our office is located on the third floor of the 604 Katz building, Bar Ilan University campus.

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